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Here at Full Fitness the safety, comfort and enjoyment of our members takes priority, we have outlined some leisure club tips.

Our fitness instructors are always on hand should you need them for any help, guidance, further advice, or if you just fancy a quick chat!

Sports Attire

If you are going to work out regularly it is imperative that you wear the correct sports gear. Inappropriate, ill-fitting shoes will only result in injury, so we advise that you buy a good pair of sports shoes. There is a great range of sports wear out on the market, including sports bras and breathable sportswear.

Warming Up/Down

We advise our members to warm up and warm down before and after every workout session to avoid muscle strain and injury. Our fitness professionals will be happy to show you how to warm up and warm down correctly.


A healthy lifestyle incorporates regular exercise and a balanced diet. We advise our members to eat well whilst working out, as well as keeping hydrated by drinking lots of water. If you would like more information on nutrition, a member of the team will be happy to talk to you.


We have a strict hygiene policy at Full Fitness and are proud of the clean and comfortable environment that we provide. We ask our members to uphold our hygiene policy by wiping down equipment when finished and placing any rubbish or empty bottles /tissues in the bins provided.

Equipment time

We ask our members to be considerate to each other when using our facility. Do not loiter on equipment any longer than necessary, as someone may be waiting to use it.


Music is a great motivational tool and can change the way you exercise! Here at Full Fitness we have a great sound system playing the latest chart music to keep you motivated.