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Personal training

Full Fitness Personal Trainers focus on getting results using the most effective forms of training and nutritional guidance, bespoke to each individual dependant on their personal goals.

We work with people from elite athletes to those new to exercise and feel we know what it takes to develop good relationships with each client allowing us to ensure they achieve the right results.

As part of our process we will conduct an initial assessment including, body measurements, fitness testing, a food diary and lifestyle factors which may affect your progress.

Throughout your programme you will be pushed to your limits using a variety of training methods Interval, Strength and Conditioning, Plyometric, Mobility, Circuit Training and Power Lifting.


Full-Fitness Group training offers a great Support Network, which is fun and focused for up to 6 members. Having both the trainer and participants there gives you that extra motivation to push yourself a little harder than you might do independently.

Using a well constructed programme Full-Fitness Trainers aim to meet each individuals personal goals with a variety of different sessions from spinning, resistance training, aerobic intervals, box fit, boot camps, plyometric and strength training.

Athlete Development

Sport specific training to help improve your overall sport performance. We combine functional fitness with specific movements and technical aspects relating to your profession.